Dave Ward's 50th anniversary with KTRK abc13

Mike McGuff's interview with Dave Ward covering stories from his early channel 13 days and beyond.

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Dave Ward

Hear about Dave Ward's early radio career including the time a whiskey bottle came through the studio window!


Dave Ward

From his starting salary (guess what, it was a pay cut) to KITIRK, Dave Ward talks about the wild early days of KTRK.


Dave Ward

Dave Ward's relationship with Ron Stone and Steve Smith, plus how Dave was all about Luv Ya Blue and the Oilers


Dave Ward

Ward's work with Crime Stoppers is so well known that the organization's first-ever headquarters was named after him.

"Mike...These are fantastic interviews and a great oral history lesson of Houston broadcasting from its greatest icon, Dave Ward. Nice job! Keep them coming please!"

- Tom Doerr, former KTRK news director