KPRC 2's new station building 2017 with photos

Mike McGuff's interview with KPRC 2 general manager Jerry Martin and news director Dave Strickland about the Graham Media Group's new station building opening in 2017.

KPRC 2 new station building 2017 news

- New KPRC building moves channel 2 into 21st century
- KPRC 2 to get a new station, plus secret of current building
- KPRC 2 new studio construction begins


KPRC channel 2 and AM were originally on Post Oak near where the Williams Tower stands today. Former 950 KPRC employee, Jim Bell, told me the old spot was actually across the street by the lake where Hidalgo and Richmond sit today.

Bill Bremer sent me this photo.

Gary Griffin of Retronuvo Media adds that KPRC's original building was a Quonset hut down Loop 610 West behind what is now the giant Houston Community College (HCC) building. That was back when the call letters were KLEE-TV.